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About Mantreza Technologies

Top-Tier Digital
Solutions Provider

Mantreza is the partner of choice for many of the world’s
leading enterprises, SMEs and technology challengers.
We help businesses elevate their value through custom
software development, product design, QA and
consultancy services.

Who are we ?

We are a NASSCOM-recognized, ISO:9001, digital solutions provider. The company has been accredited several prestigious recognitions for its quality services in the IT-Software industry. Our wide range of services includes mobile and web app development using the latest technologies.

Our Work-Approach

A sense of diligence for planning our technology stack & defining project management strategies enables us to increase our productivity as a service provider.


We ensure a smart, collaborative and systematic management of all human resources working towards the common and ultimate goal of our organization to fulfill our customer needs.

"To cope with the technological tide, we must keep sailing, sometimes conventionally or sometimes with a new approach, but we must not lose the continuity to hustle for achieving more.”

John Sahil, Founder & Director

Who Do We Serve?

Service is an opportunity to prove your excellence. From startups to Fortune 500 companies that availed our services have accredited us for our committed response.


Comprehending the expectations of our customers rightly has been our biggest competency that helps us simplify our service delivery with more preciseness and speed.

Our Mission

Upholding the principles of service delivery, we tender client-centric solutions that bring them maximum productivity in the least resources. As our motto says ‘Ideate, Innovate, Create’, we aspire to bring in result-oriented strategies to carve the strategies for product design and creation.

Stationed at Our Offices in India & the Canada, we uncover ceaseless growth for our wide clientele of SMBs & well-established business leaders.

Our Direction

We bestow promising software solutions that engage in subtle and effective service delivery architecture. We have taken resultative decisions that allowed us to envision our clients’ objectives fast and simply. With our adequate efficiency, we ensure to build a constructive plan for deploying the available technological resources.


Ensuring committed deliveries of all projects within dedicated timelines. Our primary goal while serving our customers is to create value in terms of more revenues and strengthened technological backings.


Adapting dynamism as the fundamental factor for building fast-moving digital solutions makes us customers leverage competitive products to favor their enterprise needs and ambitions and grow.

Care Fund

In the initial days of lockdown due to COVID-19, many organizations could not get the chance to counter the challenge of maintaining their business productivity by taking actionable steps. When the entire world would be in their homes, we launched Startup Care Fund, an initiative to help small to medium-scale businesses by providing them free of cost digital marketing services from the allocated budget of $100K. Our team outreached many companies and also received responses from many organizations in the market to avail the benefits of this initiative.

Support For

Once worked for Sparx IT Solutions, you always remain a part of us. Following the same phenomena, we extended our support to the former employees during their hard times. Our teams checked on professionals who were laid off or getting deducted salaries. We reconsidered their profiles and onboarded with us. With such an initiative, we not only helped our own former employees who needed us, but also built credibility among our existing employees. The primary goal of this initiative was to stand for those who contributed to our growth during their tenure in our organization.


As the world deals with medical emergencies when people are spending their savings on treatment, we could not think beyond making health cover for every professional essential while working with the organization. Our team of professionals got our back when we made this decision and issued it in effect for all new joiners. To gain healthy growth in our business, we have to ensure good care of our professionals. From our initiatives for mental health to including such policies, we try to become a sensible and reliable choice for everyone willing to become a part of us.

A Workplace You Aspire to Be a Part Of

Along with a reliable choice of our customers, we ensure to remain the strongest pillar of support for our clients. Our professionals, also known as Mantrazains, have been the backbone of success through the years and we do not miss any chance to give it back to them in the rightest moments.

No Lay-offs &
Salary Cuts

After customers, our professionals are our responsibility. We ensure that every professional’s efforts are recognized and they are paid what they deserve as per the undertakings added between them and the company.

Team of 200+

As the years go by, we have expanded our resources. Mantreza Technologies is now a team of more than 200 capable professionals deployed to the versatile needs of businesses seeking promising technology solutions.

Mental Health
Is Wealth

As an employer, our demonstration of mental health maintains a healthy balance in the work and normal life of the professionals associated with us. To keep them mentally fit, we do not miss contributing with our part.

What People Say About Us

iPhone 12, 12 Pro – 39


It has been delightful to work with Mantreza Technologies. They offered quality solutions within my budget. I would highly recommend them, if someone is looking to hiring a website design and development company. Thanks guys.

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